Fresh from the hunt, we've managed to track down three adorable monsters and decided that they were much too cute to battle. Check out our fearsome brood of monsters, courtesy of Capcom's Monster Hunter series!

Yian Garuga

First up, we have Yian Garuga and its charming underbite. Standing a fearsome 6 inches tall to the eartip, this little firebrand has a lot to offer. The plush is primarily made of a super-soft minky-style fabric that is pleasant to touch and holds its shape well. The ruffed mane around its neck is smooth, but can easily be fluffed up for maximum intimidation. Felt accents and embroidered eyes complete the package on this pint-size Bird Wyvern. Who could possibly deny that little face?

Silverwind Nargacuga

Next, we have a mysterious Silverwind Nargacuga (AKA White Gale Wind Nargacuga) captured from the Jurassic Frontier. Nearly 8 inches long, this ferocious beast is made of the same soft fabric as Yian Garuga. Its wings and tail spikes are made of felt, and its eyes are embroidered with a delightfully grumpy expression. The bright stripes are painted onto the fabric with a thick material that will not crack easily and resembles the texture of pleather. All in all, it would be worth risking the Bleeding Ailment to snuggle this sweetie.

Shagal Magala

Bringing up the rear, we have Shagaru Magala (AKA Shagal Magala) as the cutest little Elder Dragon around 7 inches tall. Sporting textured horns and claws in addition to felt accents, the same soft minky-style fabric is used for the bulk of its body. The felt wings sport painted designs to mimic its glowing radiance from the games. Having grown from its Gore Magala stage, we can also enjoy its embroidered red eyes at long last. You don't need to brave Tower 3 to snag this dragon, because Best Anime Shop has got you covered.

We've just spotlighted these 3 today, but we have a whole collection of monsters waiting to be adopted. These lil' babies are not available online and have limited quantities, so catch one at a convention near you!