Today, we have a pair of adorable little foxes who've marched all the way from the land of Pokémon and are eager to meet you. Come and see two of our hottest (and coldest) new plush items from Banpresto!

A familiar face from the Kanto region, this large Vulpix stands about 9 inches tall and is the perfect size for cuddling. The velboa fabric is ticked with stitching to perfectly emulate Vulpix's marvelously curled tails and really makes the colors pop. Although the eyes and facial features are embroidered, my personal favorite attribute is the embroidered paw pads of each foot. With the right care, this Vulpix is sure to delight trainers of any age.

Another new arrival from the exotic Alolan region has come to us just in time for summer! Why not cool off with one of these Alolan Vulpix plush and crank up that A/C? Sporting velboa fabric and ticked stitching, this icy beauty is ready for the coldest climes. Standing a touch taller than its Kanto counterpart (at around 10 inches), its beautiful hair perm uses two different colors to mimic the wavy effect of Alolan Vulpix's immaculate hair perm. To top it all off, its two-tone embroidered eyes give off the sense that it is listening intently to its trainer. Don't forget those adorably embroidered paw pads!

We're so excited to share these foxy little friends with everyone, and hope you'll decide to check them out at an anime convention near you! I, for one, welcome our new Vulpix overlords and hope you'll do the same. 


Don't want to wait for your local convention?