Release Date: 6/15/2017

The We Bare Bears plush are slated to release on 6/15, and we should have them in stock shortly afterwards! We're looking forward to carrying these adorable bears online & at conventions nationwide. They're made by the plush company GUND in conjunction with Cartoon Network, and the quality is A++! The plush are available in two sizes, and you can read more about each below.

The first available size is a friendly, huggable 12" long! They stand at 8" high, and are made of extremely soft material. You really just want to keep squishing them the whole time! Each plush has detailed embroidery on the face, which really helps their different personalities shine through. Perfect for hugs, snuggles and cuddles, the 12" Grizz, Ice and Panda retail for only $24. 

The next size is an adorable 3"! Perfect for small, grabby hands, these little guys are made of the same soft material as their 12" counterparts. The best thing about these is that they're magnetic, which means they easily stack for display! The 3" versions of Grizz, Ice and Panda retail at $10 each, or the whole set for $25!

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