Intergalactic Adventures

The drive from Atlanta to Houston was serene, peaceful, and otherwise uneventful. There's not much one can do to pass the time on the 11 hour drive except maybe poke battle and feed your abandoned tamagotchis. (Yes, they're making a comeback.)

The show had a very relaxed atmosphere, and several vendors had those little fidget toys. I mean, hey, what can you do? They're trendy and fun.

Live on the moon? No problem! We’ll take anime merch to you.
— Joe

NASA made an appearance inside of the exhibitor hall with their very own set-up! They had a model shuttle, and a suit you could step into for pictures. 5 Hour Energy was giving away some free swag, too, so you know we were all about that.

Joe versus the world

Joe versus the world

We’ll take anime merch anywhere — to infinity and beyond.
— Joe

Not much to really report this week, but we thank you for tuning in anyway.

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