This past weekend we traveled to MTAC in Nashville, TN.

Along the way there we participated in car Karaoke and got to know the new guy. We explained to him how the conventions work, and a run down of what we do and who we deal with.

When we arrived we went straight to work preparing the booth for the convention. 

As you can see we brought a large selection of items to choose from. Friday night we went back to the hotel room in search of anime to watch and introduced the new guy to RE:Zero and KonoSuba, two of our favorites. Saturday started another busy day; when the night came to a close, we decided to go and see the Ghost in the Shell movie with some friends we'd made on the road. We wandered around the mall before the movie started and came across this amazing aquarium restaurant, where we stepped inside to snap a selfie and hoped to return to eat there one day. 

Aquarium Resturant

Aquarium Resturant

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell

Before we knew it, the weekend had come to an end, and the journey back home started. We are super glad we made out to this years MTAC and hope to see everyone again next year!

See you at the next convention!

As always,

Thanks for choosing Best Anime Shop. Till next time! ❤️

Voni Frog